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Welcome to the VsitLaos website, the purpose of this website is to be a part of the tourism promotion process promoting tourism in Lao. According to the policy of the party and the Government of Laos. The Website VsitLaos are included tourism information compliers attractive in Laos which aims to attract internal and external tourists attend tourism more interest to travel to Laos every day

The story about team VsitLaos website

Our team loves to take photos and traveling and also love bicycle riding. Once we have a chance we would like to share about our experience while we travel along the road and took more beautiful photos such as sunset and sunrise nice views, landscape, sight-seeing, etc…

If some of our team has a chance sometimes traveled to other countries in South East Asian as well.

VsitLaos website’s Purposes

Our Website creates in 2019 we would like to support tourism who travel to Laos and help to promote new tourism attractiveness and give /motivate the tourist to return to visit our country once again. If it’s possible we would like to have volunteer guides (such as to practice English for students and they can learn more about our history and able to use the knowledge from school with tourist and use time wisely. We have inspiration from our member who loves to travel in AEC countries and got the experience from traveling; every place where has unique characteristics, and they will have (students from primary school to university) to be a tour guide from their English class to practice the English language outside the school with foreigners. Every single place has a different highlight, a uniqueness that we can learn more about their cultures, gorgeous people, and beautiful locations.

Visit Laos in 2018 already gone through and Laos opens “Visit Laos-China in 2019”. Firstly the VsitLaos website expects to collection travel information in our country and we start from Vientiane capital step by step. Even though the Government of Laos and Travel companies really focus to encourage tourism, but foreign tourists still don’t know much about our Laos as well.

VsitLaos expects to be the center of English training outside classrooms. We truly believe that our new Lao generation has the ability, but they do not dare to speak English out only, for example, there is a popular scientific team of Laos goes to international contest; however, they cannot communicate in English well.

There are many graduate students who in English internal and external our country, but we are still lack of voluntary interpreters (unpaid Guides) in our local villages. Therefore we would like to create a group of free guides for supporting tourist.

VsitLaos Website’s Goal.

Our goal is to be the number one famous website for tourism to know well (in-depth) about Laos and one of the most popular searches on the internet

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VsitLaos Website Team

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