Dan Gnai

Champasack Province

Hello! Welcome to the beautiful natural wonderland checkpoint! “Dan Gnai” or Sabaidee “Dan Gnai”  in Lao. Dan Gnai is magic location naturally! Today, an admin would like to represent the most wonderful tourism area for nature lovers. This place is quite suitable to whom like to travel adventure and it’s located at Ban Nong Luang, Paksong District, Champasack Province in southern Laos.

According to local travelers from Facebook of Wanderlust Laos describes the beauty of “Dan Gnai” very well and is so spectacular. If you would like to have such a wonderful holiday, don’t miss out it! Let’s visit there in once day future soon. Take a nature tour and try out a once in a lifetime, Stay and relaxing in the jungle. The details that Wanderlust Laos write are as follows:

Dan Gnai” is a little-known natural tourist destination; the area is called Dong Hao Sao protected forest Zone in Paksong District, Champasack Province. The mountain features a large terrace, with a view to the opposite mountain, which can be seen in three major waterfalls, Tad Khameud, Tad Taked, Tad Sakala, which is not far from us. There are so many kinds of wildlife and a variety of plant species from July to August.

With its extremely accessible and relatively unknown checkpoint, the real beauty of nature lies hidden atop a hill!.

So if you like the hiking, climbing and the natural touch up to the “ Dan Gnai ” is another place to miss.

I. How to Travel to  Dan Gnai “

Dan Gnai” ດ່ານໃຫ່ຍ is at Nong Luang Village, Paksong District, Champasak Province is approximately 712 km away from Vientiane capital. First of all, tourists have to get themselves to Pakse. The trip is made up of three routes:

1) Passenger buses that can be boarded by the bus at the Southern Bus Station, take the regular bus from Vientiane capital to arrive in Pakse, about 663 km, take about 10 hours; The bus will depart from 5:15 am and close until 21:00 pm (More info, please check southern bus Facebok page as per this link  (Facebook page name: ສະຖານີຂົນສົ່ງໂດຍສານສາຍໃຕ້ Bus station – southern and international )

2) Air by plane from Wattay International Airport Domestic airlines will travel by Lao Airlines or Lao Skyway fare is cheapest than Lao Airline, which will fly from Vientiane to Pakse.approximate around 1:30 hour.

3) Travel by private car or to rent a car, van from Vientiane Capital to Nong Luang Village, Paksong District, Champasack Province in southern Laos.

If traveling by bus or by plane, you will arrive at Pakse may require overnight stays. But if it is not too late, you may need to get in the second pickup (Songteo) of Nong Luang Village on the main bus call “Lak 8”, which will be 11-12:00 PM noon. Do not travel out to the “ Dan Gnai ” because it will be dark, so it is best to stay at this village for the night, a hotel stay cost of around 30,000 kip/night/ night, and then wake up in the morning to our destination. As you know, hiking is dangerous, so do not take your children with; traveler should be in good health, and always be in a good mood. It is important to enjoy a nature adventure, hiking through some steep hills, walking through rivers or streams, some of which are skiing while seeing wildlife, beautiful green grass, a 5 km away and a 3-4 hour hike.

II. What to prepare

1) Money in Kip (LAK)

2) Sleeping bag and Tent

3) Drinking water, rice, dry food

4) Flashlight, with Torch

5) Hiking boots, slippers

6) Rain jacket

7) Medicines and other essentials for you

III. Activities at “Dan Gnai” checkpoints:

1) Hiking and rock climbing

2) Take photos of nature, wildlife, and biodiversity

3) Take a nap, set camp on the main camp for one night.

IV. Estimated tourism expenditure

1 Bus ticket in Vientiane – Pakse 170,000 Kip per person/time (VIP)

2 Bus fare Pakse to Pakong 25,000 Kip 1 person/time

3 Tour guides around 125,000 Kip per person/day

4 Village Cost 230,000 Kip 1 / Group

5 Costs of up to Dan Gnai 25,000 kip 1 / person

6 meals 50,000 Kip 1 / person

7 Other costs (Note: this is just some information by local travelers and it may have any update from concerned parties)

Seeing the above pictures, would you like to go out with your friends? Prior to the trip, it is important to have a trip planner; to make appointment with head of village and trustees responsible for this hike every time (Call to Mr. Phou, head of village, number is +85620 59174353) as they will be preparing local guides, possibly preparing or recommending a convenient access route.

Thank you photos by local travelers Boyzz and Mr.Ped

And special thank you info from Facebook Wanderlust Laos