Biking Laos – Thai Friendship Relation Jul, 13th -14th 2019

Biking Laos – Thai Friendship Relation Jul, 13th -14th 2019 - Pic4

Hello! Who knows? What will I visit by bicycle partner for life in these two days? Let’s go! Yes! Finally, I have completed an adventure cycling trip Laos to Thailand Jul, 13th -14th 2019 and my friends and I did, it was fun and exciting for me. My friends and I made history and keep a good relationship between these two countries. This even calls “Lao Thai Cyclist Harmony 2019”.

Biking Laos – Thai Friendship Relation Jul, 13th -14th 2019 - Pic3

Day1: On Jul, 13th 2019, Five of us! Five ladies! J We are five ladies and left from our home straight to Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I (Thanaleng Border Crossing or Vientiane – Nongkhai Border Checkpoint), then we arrived there about 6:00 AM in the morning. After that, go straight to immigration checkpoint from Laos to Thailand.

Next, we took our bicycles and rode it across the bridge carefully and passed by Nongkhai, because today our destination is Udonthani province in Thailand, the distance about 52 km and will take time about 4-5hour.

After we rode our bike almost two hours then we felt tired. So we’re decided to take a rest on pavilion next to the main road around 15 minutes; drink, taking photos, for charging our energy back! And continue to move pedals of a bicycle again. Until we were hungry at 11:00 PM and we stop for lunchtime in a restaurant with our Thai friends, who are bikers like us and we knew each other in from senior cyclist, that we met them and knew them while we join cycle activity.

Biking Laos – Thai Friendship Relation Jul, 13th -14th 2019

(Lair is on end right of the above photo)

Anyway, we already had an appointment with them and our hosts help to escorts our team to the city and rode together until reach Udonthani province at 11:30 PM. We got warmly welcome by a senior Thai woman and we have lunch at famous restaurant grill fish ( Pa Pao) and we went to Walking Street for eating food such as Japanese restaurant…etc  At last, we went to be at Thai Asain Guesthouse behind Udon Air airport far from city about 3-5 Km, see you tomorrow Sunday!

Day2: Jul, 14th 2019 we start at 06:00 am we meet another team at muster point in Udonethani MRT baseball sport, before start they have some speech from organizer and we also start to know new friends as making connection, and activities start at 08:30 am, this activities the people who join around 600 people, and include 35-40 people from Lao;

They were brought you to the famous area in Udonethani, Vat Ban Tad, Vat Pha Luangtamahaboua, Nonpachak Army Area and we stop around 12:00 pm and all came back to muster point and have lunch together, finally, we have to say: goodbye to our Thai friends thank you for the warm welcome.

On the way back home, of course, our signature is (first start by bicycle and ending by service) we were very exhausted, so our bikes put on the pick-up three ladies lol…oopp and two ladies came back by bicycle, both of them enjoin rode on the way back with shop, ate along…etc on the road while they were taking a rest, both of them arrived home around 18:00. while We sat in a car return to Laos’s safe and sound. See you next time! Wish you all have a happy life!

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