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Chom Ong Cave

Where Laos? Where Laos located? Where is the best cave in Laos?

Where is Chom Ong Cave?

Location: Chom Ong Cave is in Chom Ong village, Xay district, Oudamxay province, Laos.
Chom Ong Cave is the best place to visit in Laos if you like caves. Have you ever traveled to a cave before? Today, I am going to present Chom Ong Cave. this cave is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Oudomxay. The number of tourists visiting this cave is increasing.
Chom Ong cave is a recently rediscovered natural attraction located 45 Km from Meuang Xay town near the Khumu village – Ban Chom Ong. It’s recognized as one of the largest caves in Southeast Asia if it’s compared to other caves in the Northern Provinces of Laos.

Chom Ong Cave

Chom Ong Cave – Photo credit: Oudomxay Tourism

“Ban is a Lao word, it means village in English”.

Oudomxay is one of the provinceS in the northern part of Lao PDR. Oudomxay has 7 Districts: Xay, La, Namor, Ngar, Beng, Hoon, and Pakbeng. You can read more detail about this province through this link.

The capital of the province is Xay district, Oudamxay province is surrounded by mountains. It is mainly populated by the Khmu, lowland Lao and Hmong with a total of 12 ethnic minorities.

Details of Chom Ong Cave

Chom Ong Cave is an ancient beautiful cave from the outside until you go inside the cave. Are you an adventurer at heart? If yes, you should read this article until the end. The Chom Ong Cave is one of the most fascinating caves in Xay district, Oudamxay province. Chom Ong Cave was discovered in 2005 and opened to tourists in 2007.

Because it is such a large cave there are many holes for access into the cave. Why do we call it “Chom Ong” Cave? Because it is the name of the village where this cave is located in. Local Lao people called “Chia” cave ຖໍ້າເຈຍ in the past, due to the many bats that live in the hollow.

Chom Ong Cave – Photo credit: Unseen Laos

This cave’s passage dimension is about 20 – 25-meter width and 20 – 30 meter long.

Area Surrrounding Chom Ong Cave

You can see several mountain ranges alternating each other when you walk far from the cave. The mountain is covered by trees and grasses. it is very beautiful. If you are an artist, you can draw pictures. if you like photography, you will want to take many pictures.Outside of Chom Ong Cave

Chom Ong Cave – Photo credit: Oudomxay Tourism

Inside of Chom Ong Cave

Information from Oudomxay Tourism indicates that the cave system stretches along a 4 km long mountain point and runs parallel to an interconnecting fossil and river passage. It’s explored to a length of 17.150 Km (10.6 miles) (preliminary) with several wide open side passages remaining. The exploration was done by the Lao – European Cave project in 2009 (2010, 2011).Inside of Chom Ong Cave

Chom Ong Cave – Photo credit: Unseen Laos

Inside of Chom Ong Cave
Chom Ong Cave – Photo credit: Unseen Laos

There are many semi-precious stones and crystals found in the caves – these stones wink and shine like a lamp inside the gloomy rock shelter.
the Chom Ong cavity was developed as a national tourist destination; So far, about 500 m of solar energy has been pumped to the roof but the interior of the cave has been preserved in its original state.
What kind of activities are there in Chom Ong Cave?
Someone may like to visit the cave because it is challenging. The main activities consist of cave trekking, swimming in the river (water) cave, and exploring and seeing fantastic rocks.



How to get in Chom Ong Cave?

DIRECTIONS: You can book a tour at the Tourist Information Centre, or if you want to do it on your own car or motorbike you can rent in Xay town. There are two ways to go to the cave “the South and the North direction” The South starts from Ban Nasao village (on the direction to Luangprabang) around 45 Km (27 MILES) and the North direction is on the way to Luangnamtha Province. When arriving at km 24 – Ban Nambortakai – Just follow the road on the left-hand side which is just after the village “18 Km (a little over 11 miles) from the main road to the cave”. The whole distance IS 42 Km and the South is 48 Km.

Visit Duration of Chom Ong Cave Tour

There are two different tour options for the tourist who enjoys a challenge:
1) 1 day and one night at Cho mong cave tour
2) The second tour is 2 days 1 night at Chom Ong cave tour.
you can learn more details about Chom Ong Cave Tour, For more information just contact the Tourist Information Centres

Open time at 08:00-16:00
Remark: Motorbike and bicycle you also can rent it at the Tourist information office center.
Open Time: Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00
Tel: +856 (081)312483, Mobile: +856 (020)5952234
Thank you for information from Oudomxay Province (Oudomxay Tourism Facebook Page.)

Remark: Currently, the authority is constructing a road and footpath to the cave for the convenience of visitors. To make sure your visit to Chom Ong cave is safe, you can contact the local guide, authority, or Oudomxay Tourism before you enter the cave.

Chom Ong Cave
Chom Ong Cave is under footpath construction.


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