Lao Govt Closes All Education Institutes, also to Suspended Tourist Visas


The epidemic of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) situation around the world is still worrying. But the situation in Laos is still under surveillance, the number of infected people remains at zero, and Myanmar has not yet been infected, with two countries in the Southeast Asian Nation.

I still believe in the Government of Lao PDR’s, pandemic prevention standards despite Laos is small and under developing country. Normally, I keep up with the news from local media, NEWS around the world as well as the neighboring sources.

Covid 19 – Situation in Laos

We Know That the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak SPREADS to 164 countries worldwide and counting;
Currently, Laos still has zero case of covid-19 and Our Lao government has worked very hard; According to prevention regulation, Lao Government appends tourist visas and closes all education institutions, Prime Minister Thongloun SISOULITH stated at a meeting on 18-Mar-2020. THE main agenda is the measures to be taken to prevent the spread of covid-19. our pm thongloun sisoulith stated the nine (9) main preventative measures. the following has been reported by the Vientiane Mai newspaper:

1. To issue orders to close local and traditional checkpoints exclusively at international checkpoints to ensure the readiness of equipment and personnel to diagnose infected persons.
2. All types of visas are suspended and include electronic visas (E-visas), too. Those already holding an entry visa need to get health certificates and reveal their dynamism history. Also temporary abrogate visa exemptions previously granted to some countries.
3. Try to avoid traveling abroad during this time, especially by airplanes and public vehicles with crowded people.
4. Travelers who have returned from the country where the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has undergone quarantine for at least 14 days in order to monitor their health, in a responsible and high-risk case should contact the relevant authorities immediately.
5. Avoid large crowds, such as traditional festivals, product fairs, parties, sporting events and ceremonies to celebrate the Lao New Year.
6. Closing the karaoke entertainment stores, Massage stores. But, other activities can be carried out on a regular basis, but provide the owner with basic preventive measures, such as temperature monitoring and the provision of hand sanitizer to the clients.
7. Closing a Nursing Home – Preschools, primary schools and educational institutions around the country temporarily, including national universities, until the change is in place, together with schools, to discuss policies or tips to promote learning and teaching, especially online and other methods.
8. The 14-day detention center for travelers from vulnerable countries, including Lao workers and Lao students who will return to Laos on the occasion of the Lao New Year, will be given separate instructions.
9. It is recommended that Lao nationals temporarily postpone travel until the epidemic improves.

The above information is very important to implements.Lao Government prepared.

All Education Institutions of Laos are closing

Before the nine above announcement, Minister of Education and Sports, Laos, Madam Sengdeuane LAHCHANTHABOUN just suspended preschools, kindergarten and primary schools, these schools will be closed starting from 17-Mar-2020 to 21-Apr-2020. Following this notice, I DIDN’T SEND my 3-year-old son to kindergarten at Sangnoy School. I want to prevent my son from this COVID-19. Luckily, I have my mother to take care of my son. Many families are worried about their children getting infected with COVID-19. Many of us are following up.

One of my colleagues has to find another way to take her two children at home, because, she has got no one to take care of her kids, instead of the teacher. So, she has to take a half-day annual leave in order to go and take care of her children.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is greatly affecting the tourism sector.

Of course, the tourism sector will be affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, as many countries are affected by the outbreak, and the Lao government has taken measures to prevent the spread of the disease.
The Coronavirus disease, COVID-19 Prevention and Control Committee of Laos issued five emergency notices on March, 2nd 2020. Let me explain to you document number one only. THE title of the document reads “To suspend tours to many countries of COVID-19 outbreak, until further notice”, which has three main points as follows:
1) To postpone all tours to many countries of COVID-19 outbreak in this period, until the COVID-19 outbreak is controlled.
2) To suspends all tourss obtaining from many countries of COVID-19 outbreak in this period until the COVID-19 outbreak is controlled.
3) To propose all concerned parties, coordination and performance strictly,

Obviously, The number of tourists will decrease this year. I do hope that many countries can stop the COVID-19 outbreak and I would love to hear ZERO cases.

Visa Restrictions from 20 March 2020 – 20 April 2020

On 19th Mar 2020, there was an announcement on the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic presented notice as below:

1. Suspend issuing visa on arrivals for all nationals

2. Suspend issuing Tourist Visa at Lao Diplomatic Mission Overseas

3. Suspend issuing eVisa

4. Suspend practicing of visa exemption for nationals of ASEAN countries and nationals of countries that signed an agreement on visa exemption both unilateral and bilateral with the Lao PDR ( excluding holders of diplomatic and official passports)

5. Issue visas for visitors who intended to visit the Lao PDR with non-tourist purposes only. Visitors will have to submit requisite information on their health and related documents to the Lao diplomatic missions in the country they are residents for approval before the intended date of travel. Visitors who arrive in the Lao PDR without the necessary approval will be denied entry into the country. Application form on health declaration will be available on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The above-mentioned measures will enter into force from 00 hours of 20th March 2020, PM to 00 hours of 20th April 2020, PM.

For more information, you can visit this link

Where to GET COVID-19 treatment in Laos.

The government of Laos prepared 4 Central Hospitals, in Vientiane capital for treatment for ambulatories. As following:

  • 103 army Hospital.
  • Mahosot Hospital
  • Mittaphab Hospital ( or 150 Hospital)
  • Sethathirat Hospital

Others Provincial hospitals for every province of Laos.

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19, you can call HOTLINE 166 FOR 24 HOURS. The most important time is that our government has no charge for LAO, in case of Treatment of COVID-19

Where to read LAOS news from reliable media of Laos.

You may be confused if you just see someone post on social media or share. I recommend you should watch from the following reliable media of Laos:
– Centre of Information and Education for Health
Facebook Page Name:
Link to Facebook: ສູນຂ່າວສານການແພດສຸຂະສຶກສາ Centre of Information and Education for Health
– Lao National Television (LNTV)
– CRI FM 93.0, Facebook Page Name: CRI-FM93
– Lao Star TV
– VTE 9
Other newspaper, for example, Vientiane Mai Newspaper (website: ) and Vientiane Times (website:

Finally, I believe the COVID-19 outbreak will be stopped and everyone can travel normally. It is better to understand how to prevent COVID 19. However, I will update you with good content on this website frequently.

I wish you all “No COVID-19” Take care of your health!

If you would like to update, the latest news officially. You should visit our government website as this link. The website name is

Have a good day.

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  1. Hi Vannalee,
    It’s wonderful that you’re posting about all the restrictions in Laos right now.
    I believe these will definitely help, if not curb, the infection rate in the country.
    I am praying this won’t last long so that everyone can get back to normal. It’s hard on everyone, especially the tourist industry.

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you for your comment. I wish everything will recover soon, too. especially the tourist industry.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for this full guidance of what to do if we’re traveling to Laos during this dreadful Covid-19 lock downs.
    I think this is very important for any visitors to be aware of where to go when they need to get help. Your post is pretty detail and easy to follow.

    I was a tour guide in Borneo, Indonesia. I know this is a big hit for tourism sector as well. The other day I saw a post on my friend’s social media (he’s an owner of a local river cruise), he said “Don’t cancel, just postpone.” I personally like that idea. That will help to retain his customers and hope they’ll keep their booking, so they only need to change the dates, still want to come and visit Borneo.

    Thanks so much. Hope things will get better soon for all of us.

    1. Hi Ferra,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are right. I’m sure that I will keep more updates when a tourist can travel to Laos.
      I do hope it will recover soon.

      Best wish,

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