Laos Pha That Luang or That Laung Stupa in Vientiane Capital of Lao PDR

That Luang - Vientiane Capital

The That Laung is a national symbol of Laos. The stupa is a symbol of Laos’s people to collect all Buddhist regions in the left-hand side and right-hand side of Mekong River mean all Lao people in the earth.

Ou Lang Kha That story: First built in year 236 B. C 3rd century by King Chanthabury Prasith Thichack and 5 professors ( Lao’s Monks) after graduating from Indian, Then there brought Buddhist bone came back from Indian to Laos and built a small stupa.

The year 1566 centuries 16th after capital was moved from Luangphabang (Xiengthong )to Vientiane by King Saysetthathirath and built the big stupa to cover small stupa and have 30 stupa around the big stupa and inside the small stupa they put gold around 60g contain in leaves similar with palm leaves made by gold and wrote in Pali San Sa kith in each stupa, When they were complete this built, Finally The pagoda also known as That Luang is officially named Pha Chedi Lokajulamani, Which Translates to ‘’World exquisite Sanctified Stupa’’, all of Lao called That Luang (Mean Big Pagoda), this pagoda completed in 1570,but didn’t celebrate yet, because King Saysetthathirat was traveled to Attapue province southern of Laos and disappear in the year 1571.

Thatlaung - Vientiane - Laos

That Luang Festival celebrates on the 15th day of full moon (holly Buddhist day) of the 12th month of the lunar calendar population going to celebrate around 7 days and 7 nights and Lao population from north to south and oversea come to celebrate this festival together with local people, in this festival there is a lot of activity such as Lao culture, Folk tale (Lam Leung) and a lot of things to sell such food and drink, but price quite expensive because of fee that the shop owner has to pay for rent area at Thaluang area, in this season that is always crowded and traffic jam.

The last day of the festival early morning this area going to Sai Bat (offer the food to the monk) for make merit to the King who passed away and his solider, to show there respect and thank you for there ancestors, who were a flight for them while having war.

At nighttime activity also crowded on the last day, a lot of people came and join for candlelight processor to worship That Luang. If you want to join them at nighttime inside Thatluang you have to go early around 18:00 if you go at 19:00 PM you can’t entry inside of that area

Opening Status: Monday–Friday

Whereabouts: Ban That Luang, Vientiane Capital, Laos.

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