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Oudomxay Province

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Oudomxay Province

Hi, do you know Oudomxay Province? Have you ever been there before? Would you like to see the jungle? Here you are! Oudomxay is a new one of tourist attractions in Laos and it is the number two of the popular province in the upper northern of Laos from Luang Prabang Province.

Recently, the Lao government enhances the tourism of Oudomxay Province as the sentence says “Oudomxay the heart of northern Laos”. Oudomxay has 7 districts: Xay, Ngar, La, Namor, Beng, Pakbeng and Hoon. Last 50 years ago, Oudomxay was belonged to Luang Prabang province and separated later on.


Today I am going to present about Oudomxay Province, the location is in the north of Laos and has borders close to Luangprabang, Luang Namtha, Bokeo and China.

Welcome to Disney Forest of Laos in Oudomxay Province the most amazing tourist’s site in Laos, 12 various ethnic groups, attractive places naturally

Nam Kat Yorlapa, Num Kat is the famous place in Oudomxay Province, you should come to Nam Kat Yorla Pa and you can find all in one place, it’s the paradise and heaven for the adventure, fully activities and enjoyable.

Google map of Oudomxay Province


Total Area: 14,400 sq. km

Population: 300,447

Entrance: 1 Domestic Oudomxay airport

from other provinces in Laos

The language used: Lao

Capital of the province: Xay

What are tourist attractions in Oudomsay province?

The list of the most popular places in the province

Namkat Yorla Pa

Touch the new challenging which you never found in Laos with 3 new activities from more than 50 Tour’s program of Namkat Yorla Pa and activities.

Nam Kat Yorla Pa

Credit Photo: Nam Kat Yorla Pa’s Faceboo Page

1. Floating in the air on the spider’s net

2. Canopy walk to see the scenery view at Phu Toh hin

3. Drinking a cup of coffee on the Zipline over the river.

4. Resort Car – Trekking,Sky Bridge,Waterfall.

5. Resort Car – Trekking, Giant Trees

6. ATV 30 Minute

7. Sit on the spider net

8. V-Shape canopy walks to the cliff, climbing on the net over the Namkat River 3 Zipline.

The attractions offered is Walking into a high mountain. There you will see the abundance of nature and biodiversity. In addition, you can camp on the Gnakha Mountain and the plain of ancient stones, touching the coolness in the whole year with 1,500 meters high from the sea level. You will see the foggy sea and the miracle of ancient stones and the diversity of the natural flowers.

More detail please contact their Website and their Facebook.

How to get to Oudomxay Province, there?

To Starting from Vientiane capital heading to the northern bus station, and buy the ticket checking from counter service what time do you prefer to go.

  1.  Starting from 06:45, Price 150.000 LAK
  2.  Start from 13:45, Price, 170.000 LAK
  3.  Start from 16:00, VIP Bus price 190.000LAK
  4.  Start from 17:0, price 170.000 LAK

Another option for the person who has a short time period but wants to go, just go by airplane the cheaper price estimate around for one way around 449,000 LAK and for the low season the promotion price about 299.000 LAK.

From Vientiane (VTE) to Oudomxay (ODY)

Daily 09:00-10:00 LK206 MA60

From Oudomxay (ODY) to Vientiane (VTE)

Daily 10:30-11:30 LK 207 MA60

A Bus will take time more than 12 hours (Vientiane Capital to. Oudomxay province) If you go daytime I think you will get bore because of road condition or might be exciting with nature along the road, there are beautiful Mountain Views, green farmlands, farmer way of life, happier life of local people lifestyle where the bus stop and see them, its depend on yourself how you feel, but if you prefer to go by sleeping Bus you won’t see as mention above.

Taking by flight is an easy way to take time around 1 hour on the plane and look the beautiful view outside with gorgeous skies and you have a lot of time to relax at Num Kat Yorla Pa.

In Oudomxay Bus station and Airport also have car service to pick up and drop of passenger complete booking via online.

From Luangprabang to Oudomxay by bus take about 5 hr.

I walk in a guest can call them for pickup and service charge about 20$.

Nam Kat Yorla Pa

Nam Kat Yorla Pa’s Address and contact detail

Nam Kat Yorla Pa

Faen Village, Xay District Oudomxay Province, Lao PDR

Call for reservation +8562055564359, +856 21966

E-Mail: gm@namkatyorlapa.com

Whatapp: +85620 55564359

How many districts are there in Oudomxay Province?

Meuang in Lao or District in English.7 districts in Oudomxay Province, so all the name list as below:

  1. Meuang Xay
  2. Meuang Namor
  3. Meuang La,
  4. Meuang Beng
  5. Meuang Hoon
  6. Meuang Pakbeng
  7. Meuang Nga.

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