Saysathan District in Sayaboury Province – Unseen Places Visit Laos

The top view of 360-degree panorama Saysathan District

Where is Saysathan District?

Welcome to Saysathan District

Do you want to visit Mountain tea and visit hill people? If yes; A new and unseen district No 11 of Sayaboury province, Laos. Saysathan District is not well popular by many Lao provinces, but It is known by local people in Sayaboury province; The rural district locates in west of Sayaboury.

This is a new district in Xayaboury located on the top of mountains distance 65 Km away from Provincial capital.

Saysathan District's View

Photo Credit: Exploring Sayaboury

What to do in Saysathan district?

People are thinking about what to do in Saysathan province?

and the area is very famous about 1000 years old tea trees, Mieng Aom and other thing that you can enjoy the top view of 360-degree panorama, attractive fog sea (where fog can be seen every season), It seems like you are in heaven!  Because you are on the top mountain.

Visiting Tribe’s house simulation ( Bamboo wood house).

Visiting Tribe's house simulation ( Bamboo wood house).

Photo Credit: Exploring Sayaboury

Seeing Conventional tea trees, the original harvest tea leaves, drinking classic tea and fresh air with cooler weather all year around.

And the local people continue to feet – powered rice husker is still an important tool for Prai people in this area (Prai Ethnic),

Fascinating and quiet town, slow life; You will see lifestyle of local people along your journey, for example, A group of kids walking to mountainous school, a girl washing clothes beside river, farmlands, and women are harvesting their tea leaves on the hills, a little innocent girl with her buffalo, a small factory for drying tea’s leaves, etc…

A girl in Saysathan district

Photo Credit: Exploring Sayaboury

Just make friend with local people, talking with them, and it is very easy to give smile to them

Agriculture products and non-timber forest products are the main sources for income generation in this area.

How to get in Saysathan District?

According to this district is quite far from the city, not crowded people. Tourists should go there by rental motorbike or car from Sayaboury. There is an unpaired road if you visit there by any vehicle. Unexpected situations and you should prepare the trip by contacting a local person before entering there. However it is not so dangerous to go there, just tell you about the arrangement.

Photos Credit: Unplash, this just sample photo, It is not road Saysathan District

I will give you the contact information of a local person, you can call him for help. Motobike for Rental in Xayaboury, daily open  at 06:00-18:00, Service Estimate /day 100.000 LAK

Mobile: +856 209711622

Where to eat? What to eat?

You can buy local easy foods &drinks; on the road, a small shop in villages or cooked food in a market like sticky rice, fish barbecue, meat barbecue,  Sai Ouan “ໃສ້ອົ່ວ”, etc… There is no fast food, no convenience restaurant.

Where to Stay Saysathan District?

You can camp by tent or find a homestay or simple guest house here and more information please call to Chanthavong

More information about guest house Mobile: +85620 54132233 Chanthavong he can help you to coordinate.

Visiting Tribe's house simulation ( Bamboo wood house)

Photo Credit: Exploring Sayaboury

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  1. I stumbled upon your site when looking for this year travel, Laos is one interesting place and I will bookmark this page soo we can see if Laos is the place to go

    1. Hi Andreas. Yes, Correct! 🙂 Laos is one interesting place. Thank you to bookmark my page and very appreciated. I’m trying to collect more information on my website, please help to follow from time to time. If you will visit Saysathan District in Sayyaboury province, I recommend you visit Luang Prabang province first. because Luang Prabang is the most popular in tourism.

  2. Hi Vanalee, Thank you for informing us about Saysathan district, how far is it from the main capital city in Laos in terms of hours? You said it’s far but it would be great to know. It’s a beautiful place.

    1. Hi Michelle, The main capital city of Laos is Vientiane. Vientiane capital to Sayaboury province, It is about 360 KM, about 8 hours. Then, you have to continue to Saysathan 65 KM and will take time about 2-3 hours from there.
      When you arrive Vientiane, you can take Minivan (at Sikhay terminal) or bus (at the northern bus station) straight to Sayaboury province. You should have a long holiday. Moreover, you should visit the Elephant Festival, Sayaboury District, Sayaboury Province, Laos 21-28 February 2020 (held every year).
      But, you will save more time by taking flight from Vientiane Capital to Luangprabang (travel here) and then you go to Sayaboury, Saysathan is your final destination. Thanks a lot for your comment and welcome to Laos.

  3. Hi!This looks like THE place to unwind and forget everything and remember what being face to face with people means!

    Have you any information if there is a base to fly there with private plane?I saw they have buses and vans and you can rent 4 wheel drive/off road motorcycle,cars too for transport.They counsel on getting a mountain bike too cause the roads will be too difficult.

    Also,to eat and stay accommodations I have found these in “featured/good to know”.

    Their website needs tweaking cause I had trouble with the maps loading and travel times under a map,I click the logo of a bus and it says “page not found”…java script issue.

    At least they are on Instagram and you can email or phone them.
    Thank you very much for introducing us to a Laos we didn’t know!Very charming!

    It’s sounds lovely !I went on the and man is it ever extrordinary!They got elephants!

    1. Hi Liz,

      I’m not sure that you can bring your private plane. Hmm, I don’t have much information about this. I can tell you, Luang Prabang International Airport is main airport in northern. If you arrive Luang Prabang province is not too far from there to Sayaboury province by 4 wheel drive.

      Yes, you are right. It is good to hear, you already visit and I know the same as you. I think you can contact them by phone or email T +856-30 935 1498 (Sayaboury Tourist Department
      Ban Thin, Sayaboury District and Province, Lao PDR).

      They don’t have Instagram, but they have a Facebook page instead. If you like to get the latest update in Sayaboury province on Facebook

      Elephant Festival, Sayaboury District, Sayaboury Province, Laos 21-28 February 2020 (held every year).
      I hope that I can help and give you some information. Finally, I’m happy yo hear that you may love the elephant! 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment
      All the best,

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