The Lao traditional noodle food, called “Kao Soy ” or Pork noodles recipe

The Lao traditional noodle food, called “Kao Soy ” or Pork noodles recipe

Did you ever try to eat yummy Lao food? Do you know the traditional noodle food in Laos? Let’s guess! What kind of Lao food I going to introduce to you today. Yes! It is a kind of popular noodle in Laos and Lao call name as “Kao Soy ”

What is “Kao Soy ”?

Kao Soy is a northern noodle of Lao this similar to normal noodles, but the difference is sauce make from chopping pork and fried with local flavoring make noodle dish Yummy and good smell and a little sour. And in other areas also have different types.Kao Soy - Noodle

How does it taste? Who can eat it?

The Kao Soy is a little bit spicy, intensifier sauce, salty food. Everybody can eat  “Kao Soy ”. In case you can not eat spicily, you can tell a cooker that “please don’t put sauce” or in Lao sentence as  “Bor sai nam na khao soy “. So, you will get soup and white noodles.

If you cannot eat spicily, you may not try it. Because you will have stomach after eating it


  • Sauce: Chili, Garlic, salt, a local immerse bean, garlic, onion, chervil
  • Soup: Water, meat or pork, salt, carrot

Kao Soy Cooking

How to eat it?

Normally, a Cooker will mix soup, noodle, and sauce together for serving you completely, with a basket of vegetables (min, green chili, a piece of lemon, long beans) like below photo

Kao Soy with vegetables

You shouldn’t miss it! If you are going to the north of Lao such as Oudomxay, LuangNamtha, Bokeo, Luangprabang, Xayaboury province.


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