Traveling Laos – Biking Laos with VsitLaos website’s team

Traveling Laos – Biking Laos with VsitLaos website’s team

VisitLaos love Cycling!

VsitLaos love Cycling for traveling Laos! So, we can think and see different things from others, we see something that some people or Lao people don’t interested in about tourism in Laos, Do you know what we think about? Are you interested to be familiar with? If you want to know, please keep in touch and read!

According to the growing of development in Laos in the year 2019, Lao prefer to use more machine vehicles as per many reasons, causes and their form of judgments logically, for example, convenience, quick speed and so on as per their requirements. We can see the number of cars increasing in cities of Vientiane capital, so it is the cause of traffic jam especially in hurry hours for going work 7:30 to 9:00 AM every morning and backing home from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Moreover, it is also a rooted cause for the expansion of pollution. Furthermore, Lao would like to visit and shop in Thailand, who is our neighborhood. We begin to enhance internal tourism for our Lao by cycling and attract more foreigners visiting Laos regarding those two above reasons. By our heart, we love to help everyone healthier, happy traveling, while we can save energy and keep our world environment as well.

Biking Laos Point of view by VsitLaos

Today, we have a question to as you! Does anyone know what roaming side Lao use? Left or right? Let reach your hands up!  This is a very easy question and someone may know the answer in the mind already because you usually live in Laos. Okay, we will let some people don’t know about; it’s the right side. It’s the exact right side for driving a car, riding a bicycle in Laos. As you may know that Vientiane capital is a quiet traffic jam, especially in the town; there is any specific a cluttered way for the bike; Cyclist ride mix along the road on end right hand. We recommend that you should not ride a bicycle on a hurry hour as we said before, but it is great on weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or you should avoid quick time. It is very nice to take a bike to downtown, due to don’t even have any car, no traffic jam as well, seeing beautiful nature view, breathe up fresh air during your destination.

Biking Laos – Point of view by VsitLaos

Basic Pieces of Equipment For Cycling

Finally, we would like you to have a safe trip with your bike and think about how to protect from harm, we suggest basic pieces of equipment for cycling about 2-5 km, below details:

1)  A Bike is an essential thing because you will ride the bicycle

A Bike is essential thing, because you will ride bicycle

2)  Helmet for cycling, this one is safe your head if you have an accident while riding

Helmet for cycling

3)  Cycling jersey and padded shorts, these are good for your movement, padded shorts prevent your body hurt by sitting a long time.

Cycling jersey and padded shorts

4)  Shoes, it protects your feet paint when you pushing


5)  A bottle of water or bottle cage, a preparation if you are thirsty

A bottle of water

6) Glove Crash protection. Skinned hands hurt.


*This is just the basic information, in fact, professional biking has many more elements to come and will be available in the future.

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