Wat Phou Sarao – Meditating Buddha Statue on a Hill

Wat Phou Sarao – Meditating Buddha Statue on a Hill

The magic yellow meditating Buddha Statues on the hill with the wonderful panorama view for Pakse

On the West bank of the Mekong River south of Pakse are on the right-hand side of Mekong River, from Pakse town you can see the golden Buddha statue at Phousarao temple.

“Phou” in Lao Mean Mountain

“Sarao” in Lao means Lao whiskey (Rao or Kao it looks like pure water, but it’s strong alcohol) they have a story of this mountain, you will see couple stair between stair. I won’t a summary about story it’s complicated and you may know when you go there.

Wat Phou Sarao – Meditating Buddha Statue on a Hill

How to get to Phousarao:

Starting from Daohueng fresh market again or at your accommodation:

-Renting a motorbike around 80,000 Kip/per day

-By Tuk Tuk spend around 15,000 Kip -20,000 Kip for one way.

-Walking around 8-10 Km take about 30 minutes if you’re healthy and ready to walk, if tired also can ask help along the road on the way back.

You may not travel by bicycle, because Phousarao is a very high mountain (hills, it is not easy to go up by bicycle).

But you can park motorbike or bicycle at parking lot area that provides by temple, then walk(climb) to the hills, with stair that provides by local, local people also walk up and down to the hills, it’s really tired but when you take a rest the gorgeous skies, white fogs, and colorful green trees sight and fresh air.

On top of the mountain, there are a lot of Buddha statues and you will see the beautiful panorama view of the city

Location: Wat Phou Sarao, Pakse district, Champasck province, Laos.

Opening Status: Monday–Sunday, 8:00 AM to 16:00 PM

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