Places to visit Laos – Meuang Ngar in the west south of Oudomxay province

Meuang Ngar distric, Oudomxay province, Laos

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Where is Meuang Ngar district, Oudomxay province, Laos?

Meuang means a district in English.

Meuang Ngar is a small city,located in the Wester south of Oudomxay province far from Xay Distric around 66 Km, And this city has border, close to Luangprabang and Mekong River road condition of this city is a local, And charming a lot of activities such as Kaen Waterfall, Nong Lom Cave , and Resort Yoiy Hai that you can see Khamu lifestyle and …etc, The Yoiy Hai village is a Khamu village 100% the highlight of this village is the way of living’s villager are conserve their traditional lifestyle and their life is stick with nature.

Meuang Ngar- Sengphon IT

Photo Credit: Sengphon IT

Tourism activities include local people to join these activities and they can earn from tourism, This village has a goal for tourism, culture, and nature for travelers to find and enjoy their lifestyle with the River

How to get to Meuang Ngar, Oudomxay province, Laos?

Welcome to Meuang Ngar, You can go to Meuang Ngar By daily bus, one day trip.

Starting from Oudomxay southern bus station and you can find the ticket in the bus station before bus leave 1 or 2 hours, take time to Meuang Ngar about 3 hours. Its depend on road condition, go there by road is inconveninece and another option to travel to this city is by boat from Luangprabang or Pakbeng.

There will have only one time/1 day of the vehicle to this district, at 11:300 AM.

There will have one railway station in this district soon.

I will explain your transportation in Oudomxay for the next article, you can click lin through this sentence, too. If you would like to read more information about Oudomxay province.

What to do in Meuang Ngar? Where to visit there

There are 5 main activities that tourists can do in the Meuang Ngar.

  • City tour in the Meuang Ngar, you can see local people’s lifestyle.
  • Visit “Lan Han” temple.
  • Travel to Yoy Hai village, seeing Khamu ethic’s lifestyle and why they can stay along Mekong riverside.
  • You can visit Hauy Khod Cave by motorbike or car.
  • Joining boat racking festival in May and another custom anniversary of 3 ethnic groups: Hmong, Khamu, Leum Med as well
Meuang Ngar distric, Oudomxay province, Laos
Meuang Ngar distric, Oudomxay province, Laos

Places to Visit in Meuang Ngar

1. Tad Huay Yueng far from Ngar city around 70 Km this area cover by the big tree and good weather along to way.

2. Tad Huay Chan far from Ngar city around 55 KM the relax place for local with beautiful nature

3. Luang Cave there are two cave in one part this area cover by forest

4. Lom Lake far from Ngar City around 25 Km the located at the top of the mountain a lot of tree in this area

5. Huay Sat Waterfall far from Ngar around 40 Km. Please find below photo

Huay Sat Waterfall far from Ngar around 40 Km.
Huay Sat Waterfall far from Ngar around 40 Km.


6. Hauy Khod Cave. This cave is located in Huay Salak in Mueng Ngar and far from Ngar city abou 12 Km.

7. Yoy Hai village, it is a small village along Mekong river, 100 % Kamu ethic, 80 KM from Ngar city.

Where to eat in Mueng Ngar?

According to Mueng Ngar is in the roral area and is quite far from city. So, there is not any convenience store, big restaurant. Local people live with nature. You can buy food in the Meung Ngar market and you may see a very small noodle shop along the road or city. Please don’t expect too much and you should prepare your food before the journey.

Where to Stay in Mueng Ngar?

Tourists can stay at resort Yoyhai resort in Yoy Hai village, Ngar district in Oudomxay province. A guest house can service you in city, too. Or you can prepare the tent for yourself.

Sorry, I know that I may not give the reader much detail. However, I try my best to do it. I’m going to update you more detail for example Where to eat in Mueng Ngar? etc…in the future.

If you would like to see the video by a new generation of Mueng Ngar, you can see on Youtube channel, name as “TaiNeua TSP Channel”, his name his Bao Thed. His Facebook page is “ເມືອງງາ ແຂວງອຸດົມໄຊ – MoungNga, Oudomxay Post”

Finally, I will give ou contact person in Oudomxay tourists’ information center following. He/She will help and support you in more detail in Oudomxay province and Mueng Ngar.

For more information, you can contact Oudomxay tourists information center
Call: 081212483
What app: +8562059522234

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